[lca-announce] Rocketry Miniconf tickets are nearly sold out

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Mon Dec 20 20:15:21 EST 2010

In previous years Bdale Garbee has given talks on his rocket launching
exploits.  This year he is doing something rather different.  He is
inviting LCA attendees to join in the fun and mayhem by building and
launching their very own rocket.

Attending the Rocketry Miniconf costs you an extra $175.  That covers
the material to build the rocket and transport to the launch site.  The
rocket is re-usable, and is small enough to take back home as personal
luggage.  You can find more information here:


Because close supervision is required there are a limited number of
Rocketry Miniconf tickets, and you must register for the miniconf to
attend.  It has been popular, so now there are only 5 spaces left.

If you decide you want to change your registration for any reason
(including adding the Rocketry Miniconf), you can.  Just email
contact at lca2011.linux.org.au and say what you want changed.

Russell Stuart

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