[lca-announce] Booking accommodation for LCA 2011

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Fri Dec 17 10:46:16 EST 2010

Hi all.  It is the accommodation organiser for LCA 2011 here.

Registrations for LCA 2011 have been following the same trend as
previous LCA's, so it looks like we will have a good conference. 

However, accommodation bookings have not, with less than 1/4 of people
booking accommodation.

This means either you have all suddenly become rich and are planning to
stay in upmarket hotels in the city, or you are going to end up sleeping
on the street.  Normally sleeping on the street would be a realistic
proposition in Brisbane, but not this year.  This year there is a strong
chance of anything on the street being washed away, possibly after being
pummelled to death by hail stones.

Normally booking late would not be a problem for LCA.  But this year our
agreement with our main accommodation supplier, Urbanest, says they can
release our reserved rooms after the 31/Dec/2010.  I don't not whether
they will do that, but regardless they _will_ raise the price as that is
also in our agreement with them.

Our other accommodation site is St Leos.  We do not have any guaranteed
rooms with them, and they are catering to other conferences being held
at the time.

So, now would be a good time to booking accommodation.

Russell Stuart

PS: I am not kidding about the weather.  On the upside the drought has
broken, and the pestilence looks to have passed (record locust plagues).
But my car was damaged by hail yesterday, and we are expecting the
wettest summer in decades.  Make sure you have shoes you are happy to
see slosh through streaming torrents, and bring an umbrella you can
comfortably carry around during conference.  We are talking torrential
rain here.  For our American friends, that means we may be in an inch
per hour territory.

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