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[Debian-au] Debian mini con at LCA 2003?

Hi everyone,

Some of you know me, some don't. I ran the mini conference at LCA 2002 
in Brisbane. This coming year I am running LCA2003, and am looking for 
someone else who wants to organise the Debian mini conference, if people 
still want one to happen. Its pretty striaght forward; we have reserved a 
lecture theatre for two days; its up to the mini-con organisers to just 
show up and get people who are going to LCA2003 anyway to talk. You can 
start at any time, end at anytime, nothing else is supplied, just a room 
(and probably net connectivity).

If you would like to organise this, please let me know so I can confirm it 
and then put a link on the www.linux.conf.au web site to YOUR web page where
you have more information on the Debian mini-conf.

The DMC was quite well recieved last year. We already have Bdale Garbee 
coming along. Plus I am sure there will be a few other DDs. 

 James Bromberger <james_AT_rcpt.to> www.james.rcpt.to
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