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The other reason AR naturally feels limiting is that you can see everything else around you, with unobstructed peripheral vision. VR headsets blind things off like a windowless scuba mask. That was the HoloLens problem, and its the Magic Leap Ones drawback, too. Magic Leap is trying to offset that limitation by emphasizing how objects seen in the headset can seem larger as the effective cone/pyramid of view extends farther back. The official term, viewing frustum, means that further-back objects could look best. Magic Leap says the 3D effects can start at about 14 inches away, and extend infinitely. The clip-on Lightpack PC has specs greater than a phone or the Nintendo Switch, and more on the order of a PC. Its like a variant of the NUC portable computers Intel has made -- but with an Nvidia Tegra X2 system-on-chip. Theres 128GB of storage, but only 95GB will be free to store downloads. White glove service is required for setup The Magic Leap One Creator Edition will only be sold vi
 a a service called LiftOff, made in partnership with e-commerce startup Enjoy, started by former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson. The service will personally deliver and set up the device for you in-home, ensuring a perfect fit. Thats something weve never really seen before. And yes, this reconfirms that Magic Leap One isnt a product for normal, everyday people yet. You cant use your glasses (prescription lenses sold separately) If you need glasses, like I do, know that the Magic Leap One wont fit over glasses at all, while most VR headsets and Microsoft HoloLens do. Magic Leap will sell prescription pop-in lenses at an additional cost. But if your prescription is really bad, you might just have to get contact lenses instead. The Magic Leap Ones effective viewing area for virtual things feels a lot more limiting than what youd get on a regular VR headset, for several reasons. The official Magic Leap One field of view (FOV) has a 4:3 aspect ratio thats 40 degrees horizontal, 30 degree
 s vertical and 50 degrees diagonal. Its like dangling a small glass rectangle in front of your face to see AR through. Microsoft HoloLens suffers similar limited field of view. Magic Leaps viewing area is a bit larger, but smaller than what current VR headsets offer. The Magic Leap One is a standalone device with its own wearable computer and head-mounted display. Here are the other details you need to know. No, the Magic Leap One Creator Edition, the name of this first Magic Leap hardware system, isnt cheap. The price of this standalone AR headset is well above any consumer VR on the market, including the HTC Vive Pro. The two-year-old Microsoft HoloLens costs even more, though, at 3. For an extra 495, theres a Professional Development Edition that includes an extra hub cable and a service called RapidReplace, a resource designed to provide a replacement device within 24 hours. Its unclear what that means, but it sounds like a service to offer continual support in case of a headset
  breaking or malfunctioning. We dont have a review unit here at CNET, but we got to look at the hardware at Magic Leaps offices.

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