[Chlug] Top 10 Methods of Internet Marketing for giving best ROI

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My name is David Cronfel and I'm an experienced SEO freelancer serving the
online marketing industry. I can deliver a huge boost to your online ranking
and visitor click-through rate, getting you in front of more opportunities
(500% increase is typical) for you to secure orders.

Your investment is small, but the returns available to you are enormous. I
am based in India, with excellent Internet access and low overheads; 11
years' experience in SEO and great credentials & testimonials to prove I can

I offer the following-

1. Creating Online Buzz about your merchandise /service

2. Social-Media Submissions

3. Public Relations Activity

4. Video Optimization & Marketing

5. Social Channels Optimization including FB, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

6. Content Distribution & Marketing

7. Web 2.0 Creations

8. Presentations/Document Sharing Worldwide

9. Content Syndication & RSS Submissions

10. Marking Up content, XML and Micro-Data Formats Implementations

These 10 activities handled correctly and consistently, will absolutely
drive you up the scale of online rankings. Your investment is guaranteed.

This is a great opportunity for you, but I can only take on another 5
clients - I give every client my direct & personal attention. If you think
that you need this boost (if you are completely happy with your current
performance, you would be a rare business owner), reply to this email and I
will set up a FREE website analysis and a search engine report. My proposal
to generate your increased sales opportunities will flow naturally from

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You

Kind Regards

David Cronfel, SEO Consultant

Delhi, India

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