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- Hello Sir,My name is Peter Anderson. I work with Barclays Bank Royal Deposit Finance as Audit officer.Services ARE rendered by the Executive Agency of Her Royal Majesty's Treasury limited for the Royals and Nobles. Its main responsibilities include banking and financing, debt and cash management,lending to local authorities and managing certain public sector funds.During one of our periodic auditing,I discovered a dormant account belonging to Abdul Aziz Hassan with holding balance of £19.5(GBP).This account has not been operated for the past years.After due verification to trace the holder's address to his home in UK,he was reported to had die at Iranian International Airport,in an air plan during a terrorist attack on one of his visits to see his betrothed wife,family of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan,the former president of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Abu-Dhabi whose family are known to be Mega-rich.The deceased was said to be the ruling party top official close to president Hosni Mubarak's Son,Gamal,one of Egypt's top billionaires, the owner of luxury Hotels,beach resort and a leading force in building Western-style suburbs ringing cairo for the upper class.It is a recurring case in the history of this Treasury of her Royal Majesty as depositors hails from royal heritage and background.Such deposit through our audit exercise is usually recovered by the bank but this time, I've submitted auditing report with a next of kin name with same surname of the deceased person since there was no record of associate or next of kin to claim this deposit.Transfer has be approved to that effect. I will send that for your review if you agree to assist me to tranfer the fund into another account. I need a foreigner account in order to transfer the fund within few days. Your assistance herewith will earn you 25% of the fund transfer into your account.Warm regards,Peter Anderson.

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