[Chlug] can i trust you?

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- - Dear Friend, How are you today? I hope all is well with you and your family. My name is veronica Taylor, I am resident in Monrovia the capital city of Liberia. I am the wife to the former President of Liberia(Charles Taylor).I am a 48 years old woman with three children, I am a devoted christian. Sequel to the arrest of my husband at a Nigerian border town by custom officials and his consequent transfer to Sierra Leone and then to the united nations court of justice headquarters in Hague, Netherlands for trial for war crime which he was accused to have committed during the war in my country Liberia and a neighbouring country (Sierra Leone).I am afraid that the hit might soon turn on us (his immediate relatives) in the event that he is convicted as his trial has started in Hague. I therefore urgently want to acquire a property (HOUSE) as i wish to relocate my children out of this country for safety and also to start a new life before this present turn around of event affects the future of my children and I. My choice of property is duplex house with about four or five bedrooms in a very peaceful and quiet city. The prices of which I expect to range between US$500,000.00 to USD$1,000,000,00.The mode of payment will not a problem for I am paying you cash. PLEASE CAN I TRUST AND CONFIDE IN YOU? The war in my country and the present happenings concerning my husband has taken a different toll as many peole with close relationship with Mr. Taylor are still being killed silently and i do not think my children and I are safe here. Due to security reasons, I will not be able to call you and you can not call me too as our telephone lines are being bugged. Please contact me as soon as possible. Best regards, Mrs Taylor Veronica.

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