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[Cbsupport] Thanks

Kylie and Computerbank Crew:

Just a quick thank you for the computer we got from you almost 2 years ago as I have attained my qualifications in IT certifications which would have been almost impossible except for your great program.

We have not looked back and use the computer frequently now and I have been able to teach my husband how to use it and the internet, therefore giving him another hobby surfing the internet for sites that interest him the most and never dreamed it possible to do.
He lookes for record collectors as he is one himself, also steamtrains and music from the golden era. You can imagine how it opened a whole different world for him and for me for that matter as I am upgrading my computer skills and volunteer at our local  community computer centre.

Thanks again for all the great things you do with the computerbank program. Keep up the good work and all the best for the future. You have us down as riallen@bigpond.com as well.

    Allen and Ria          Maysvilla@hotmail.com

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