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Thank you for opening this emailThank you for opening this email.

In these uncertain times it is often difficult to strike a balance between keeping costs down, keeping productivity up and still delivering the service your clients expect and demand.

We have the solution and would like to explore the possibility of working with you. 

d2u provide immaculately typed documents with fast turnaround times.


Simply dictate your letters, quotes, invoices, reports etc. into a digital dictaphone, email the sound file to us and we will type and return the document to you within an agreed timescale, leaving you free to concentrate on more productive activities. 


Our service is also ideal for holiday and sickness cover as well as those busy periods when you need an extra pair of hands.

Important note:  People dictate approximately 7 times more quickly than they can write, 

you only pay us for the time you talk, not the time it takes us to type. 

Service Summary

  a.. We guarantee that your work will be returned at a minimum accuracy of 98.5% 
  b.. We are able to transcribe large volumes of work, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
  c.. We work to your own templates ensuring consistency of type, font and layout. 
  d.. Your work can be returned in whatever format you require "word", "excel", "pdf" etc. 
  e.. We have secure servers and are fully Data Protected. 
  f.. You don't have any employment or H.R. issues with us. 
  g.. No minimum volume requirements - You only use us, as and when you need us. 
  h.. We charge per "dictated whole minute". 

Simple steps to using our service

  a.. Provide us with an example of your document and we will set up a personalised template to ensure consistency of type, font, spacing etc. 
  b.. Using a digital Dictaphone, dictate your report. (We can advise on, and or supply, suitable equipment if required). 
  c.. Send us an email with the sound file attached. You will receive confirmation of receipt within minutes. (Training and advice on hand if needed) 
  d.. You will receive the transcribed document back at the email address from which it was sent, within the agreed timescale. 
  e.. We can transcribe from non digital machines but this takes slightly longer because the tape has to be posted to us and then converted to digital format. 
Website - www.dictate2us.com

To initiate your free trial or request further information, simply click here

Thank you for your time and have a good day.

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