[PyCon-AU-chat] PyCon AU running

Simon Meers simon at simonmeers.com
Tue Aug 7 20:54:53 EST 2012

On 7 August 2012 17:11, Graeme Cross
<graeme.cross at planetinnovation.com.au> wrote:
> At last year's PyCon AU, I discovered that I wasn't the only person going
> out for a run around town before the conference started each day.
> So if you are interested in having some social runs at PyCon AU, some of
> us will be heading out each day.

Thanks for thinking of and organising this, Graeme. Ordinarily there
would be no chance you'd catch me running, but PyCon AU falls between
the City2Surf next weekend and Tough Mudder Sydney next month (both of
which I've somehow been lured into this year) so a) I should have a
chance of keeping up with 5:30/kms at the moment and b) I should be
training anyway. There go my sleep ins... see you there

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