[PyCon-AU-announce] Last chance to register for PyCon Australia 2012 and get a conference t-shirt!

Chris Neugebauer chrisjrn at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 09:36:00 EST 2012

We've less than three weeks until PyCon AU 2012, here in Hobart, and
we'd really like to make sure that you get one of our amazingly cool
conference t-shirts.  I've just seen the final design, and I think you
all are going to love it!

So, if you want a shirt along with your registration, please make sure
you register and pay by midnight tonight! Likewise, if you have a
friend who's been holding off on their registration until now, make
sure you nag them until they've registered :)

Details and prices, as always, are at http://2012.pycon-au.org/register/prices

=== About PyCon Australia ===

PyCon Australia is the national conference for the Python Programming
Community. The third PyCon Australia will be held on August 18 and 19,
2012 in Hobart, Tasmania, bringing together professional, student and
enthusiast developers with a love for developing with Python. PyCon
Australia informs the country’s Python developers with presentations,
tutorials and panel sessions by experts and core developers of Python,
as well as the libraries and frameworks that they rely on.

To find out more about PyCon Australia 2012, visit our website at
http://pycon-au.org or e-mail us at contact at pycon-au.org.

PyCon Australia is presented by Linux Australia (www.linux.org.au) and
acknowledges the support of our Gold sponsors: Google Australia
(www.google.com.au), and the Australian Computer Society (Tasmanian
Branch) (www.acs.org.au); our Event partners: Kogan, and Secret Lab;
and our Silver sponsors: the Python Software Foundation, the Django
Software Foundation, Anchor Systems, 99designs, Red Hat, BitBucket by
Atlassian, ekit, Ionata Web Solutions, RimuHosting, and CSIRO.

--Christopher Neugebauer

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