[Monitoring] Welcome!

Alastair Irvine alastair at plug.org.au
Fri Mar 29 14:10:45 EST 2013

Hi, all.

Thanks for your interest in the list.  Pretty much everyone is 
subscribed now, but feel free to check out the subscribers list 
available from http://lists.linux.org.au/listinfo/monitoring and e-
mail me suggestions of people who aren't on there but might like to 

Let me know if you'll also be posting from other addresses, or if 
you wish your subscription to be changed or cancelled.

NOTE: This list does not, and never will, have a Reply-To header.  
To reply to list please use the feature in your MUA.  If it doesn't 
have one, do reply-all, remove the poster's address and change the 
CC field to To.

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