[Linux-aus] [CryptoParty] Marcy Wheeler - PRISM and effects on 5EYES countries

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*Join us for an exciting talk on PRISM (702), surveillance and Five Eyes
with Marcy Wheeler*

*When:* 27 July (Thursday), 6:00 pm
*Where:* ThoughtWorks, Level 23, 303 Collins St, Melbourne

Marcy Wheeler[1] (@emptywheel), an advisor to the US Congress' Fourth
Amendment Caucus and an expert on this and other US surveillance laws, will
explain what the authorisation fight means for US spying.

FISA Section 702 (US) authorises both PRISM (the collection of content
directly from US tech companies like Google and Microsoft) and upstream
surveillance (the collection, via packet sniffing, of other communications
transiting the US telecommunications backbone).

She will explore recent problems with upstream surveillance and what it
means for NSA and the Five Eyes' packet sniffing collection more generally.
Marcy will lay out what the prospects are for reform of 702 this year --
and what additional protections that might offer Australians.

Marcy will also explain the greater risk of surveillance under EO 12333.
And she'll lay US surveillance, generally, against the background of Donald
Trump's administration and his paranoid claims that he, too, has been the
target of a "tapp".

*More info and optional RSVP:*

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcy_Wheeler

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