[Linux-aus] Minutes of Council Meeting 03 June 2014

Aguido Davis horatio at puntbow.net.au
Sat Jun 14 23:30:58 EST 2014

On 14 June 2014 16:31, Linux Australia Secretary <secretary at linux.org.au>

>    -
>    Discussion of having linux.conf.au made a peer-reviewed conference,
>    raised to Council by CHRISTOPHER NEUGEBAUER representing personal
>    correspondence
>    Council discussed some of the costs and benefits of making
>    linux.conf.au a peer-reviewed conference, including the additional
>    effort and onus, and whether it would have significant benefis in terms of
>    additional attendees.
+1. as a denizen of an Australian university, i would like this very much.
of course, the devil is in the details.


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