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Wow this almost has me wanting to join the EFA (in addition to the EFF).

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> Our government is spying on us. What should we do?
> EFA, in partnership with ThoughtWorks Australia, brings you this free,
> public event, as part of the Agile Australia 2014 conference.
> Revelations from whistleblower Edward Snowden have clearly demonstrated
> that governments around the world have been engaging in dragnet-style mass
> surveillance for years. We know that intelligence agencies, including the
> US National Security Agency (NSA), the UK’s GCHQ and Australia’s Signals
> Directorate have been intercepting and storing the records of hundreds of
> millions of our phone calls, text messages, emails, web searches, website
> visits, instant messages, and social media activity. We know that these
> agencies have been sharing our information with other governments, large
> corporations, and non-security organisations.
> Governments have justified this mass surveillance on the grounds of
> “national security” against “terrorism”. Yet there is no evidence that this
> disproportionate intrusion into our private lives has stopped or foiled
> even one terrorist act, despite the vast financial and social cost.
> What these government activities have done is to build an extremely
> effective surveillance infrastructure which police states of the past,
> present, and future could only envy.
> It is our duty to redress this illegal and immoral societal imbalance.
> What legal, social, and regulatory policy reforms are necessary to
> safeguard our right to privacy? What can we do both now and in the future
> to protect our private communications from dragnet government surveillance?
> What level of digital spying is acceptable in an Internet where our privacy
> is valued?
> ThoughtWorks logoAgile Australia 2014 logo
> This free and public forum is part of the Agile Australia conference. It
> will be a thought-provoking examination of privacy issues vital to the
> future of digital freedom. It will include a review of available
> technologies to resist dragnet surveillance, and global initiatives to
> strengthen individuals’ right to privacy, as enshrined in the 1948
> Universal Declaration on Human Rights. It will be a call to join and shape
> local and worldwide activities to oppose mass government surveillance.
> Event Details
>     Time & Date: 11:30am, 17th June 2014
>     Venue: Melbourne Convention Centre, 1 Convention Centre Place,
> Southbank (click for map).
>     Cost: FREE
>     Registration: Not Required
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