[Linux-aus] Photos at conferences

Steven Pickles thatpixguy at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 11:27:16 EST 2014

Perhaps take the Chaos Communication Congress approach by providing
(translated) versions of this T-Shirt:


Translation: "No Photos! I hereby disagree with the recording, storage,
transmission and other uses of my image".


PS: Wow, it was hard to find a picture of that shirt ;)

On 21 January 2014 10:49, Noel Butler <noel.butler at ausics.net> wrote:

>  On Tue, 2014-01-21 at 08:54 +1030, Michael Davies wrote:
> If you're in a public space you can be legally photographed without
> your permission.  That's the law of the land.  But as a community,
> That wont wash with LCA
> Any first year law student could argue that LCA is a "private event" held
> in a "private venue"
> Of course if LCA was held on public property, like a park, sidewalk, or
> even after such event in a car park, there's no argument.
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