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Kathy Reid kathy at kathyreid.id.au
Mon May 2 23:07:56 EST 2011

Some initial thoughts on this request;

1. Having been involved in organising technical events, sponsorship is 
one of the hardest things to secure. High quality venues are difficult 
to find, and catering and drinks are expensive. PHP falls within the 
scope of Linux Australia's remit to provide promotion of free and open 
source technologies.

2. As a not for profit venture, there is limited potential for Linux 
Australia to capitalise on a significant monetary outlay. Is it intended 
that PHPconfAU return a profit? If so, should it be run as a 
subcommittee of Linux Australia, and the profits returned to Linux 
Australia? I doubt this is the case however, with an ASIC search showing 
PHP Conferences registered as business NSW BN98565475.

3. If what is sought here is seed funding to start the conference, with 
the presumption of it generating a profit, which would then be used to 
run future conferences, then there is some merit in a request to Linux 

4. As a sponsor, I can foresee the following benefits to Linux Australia;
* Promotion of Linux conf AU in Ballarat, which may provide indirect 
financial gain
* Formation of a strong PHP community in Australia
* Promotion of the Linux Australia values and ethos
* Strengthening of business models which support free and open source 

5. The conference does not appear to have a stated diversity and equity 

6. The conference does not appear to have a risk management plan in 
place as yet

In summary, this proposal has merit but carries with it some significant 
risks. Linux Australia's position (IMHO - Council please don't think I'm 
overstepping the mark here) should be to provide support while 
mitigating some of the risks that such support carries.

As a community member I would recommend the following;

(a) that Linux Australia provide sponsorship, subject to our financial 
position, of Bronze or Silver level. The delegate ticket(s) that come 
with this sponsorship should be offered to the community member who 
provides the strongest case for the ticket and who undertakes to provide 
written report or blog post for Linux Australia or other deliverables as 
specified by Council

(b) that as a condition of sponsorship Linux Australia require the 
conference to adopt a stated diversity and equity policy, similar to 
those recently discussed on this list, thus helping to facilitate a 
welcoming environment for *all* delegates

(c) that as a condition of sponsorship Linux Australia require the 
conference to produce a conference report no later than two calendar 
months after the conference detailing full financials, attendance, 
results of any delegate survey and an analysis of continuous improvement 
activities for any future iteration of the event. This won't just help 
Linux Australia be assured of a sound investment, it's actually very 
good practice in running conferences and ensuring ongoing improvement.

Kind regards,

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