[Linux-aus] Proposed constitutional changes: bringing record keeping and meeting procedure in line with current practice

Andrew Ruthven andrew at etc.gen.nz
Mon May 2 12:26:01 EST 2011

On Sun, 2011-05-01 at 04:31 +0930, David Newall wrote:
> On 30/04/11 20:16, Mary Gardiner wrote:
> > So, basically, we keep people's names, date of joining, and email, and you can
> > inspect names and date of joining, but NOT email.
> This change seems unnecessary. Rather than add email addresses to the 
> register of members, just create a new register of email addresses.  
> That can be done (has been done, no doubt) without requiring 
> constitutional support.

Looking at the proposed changes I disagree, they are necessary.  The
current constitution requires keeping a list of names and postal or
residential address for all members.  And that information must be
accessible.  The proposed changes removes the postal/residential address
from the members list and adds the email address, but the email address
is kept private.

So, the short summary of the changes was a bit short.  ;)

So just creating another list which includes the email address doesn't
solve the issue of by default having the postal/residential address

I think that Mary is correct that section 7 should be updated.

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