[Linux-aus] Proposed constitutional changes: bringing record keeping and meeting procedure in line with current practice

Mary Gardiner mary at puzzling.org
Sun May 1 07:34:48 EST 2011

On Sun, May 01, 2011, David Newall wrote:
> This change seems unnecessary. Rather than add email addresses to the 
> register of members, just create a new register of email addresses.  
> That can be done (has been done, no doubt) without requiring 
> constitutional support.

It was already changed away from this model a bit in 2004 I think, so it does
have some constitutional support. (There's a missing and crucial mail being
held in moderation in which I explain why these diffs aren't against our
current constitution!) Check Register of Members in the current constitution:

At present the official register has both names and emails.

There is also a feeling among Council that probably our members do not want
their email and postal address shared under this provision of the constitution,
is this correct? Or are people OK with the default provision of the model and
also per Clause 7 of our current one, which is that they can be shared on
request of any member?


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