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Subject: GRANT REQUEST: Software Freedom Day - Melbourne 2010
Today's Date: 13 July 2010 
Project Date: 18 September 2010
Project Name: Software Freedom Day - Melbourne 2010
Project URL: http://bit.ly/sfdmel-2010
Aim of Project: 
To celebrate Free & Open Source Software and the community behind it.
Person Resposible for Request: 
Donna Benjamin - Linux Users of Victoria (LUV)
SFD Sponsorship - $1000.00
Software Freedom Day has been actively celebrated in Melbourne since
2004, when members of LUV held a CD burnfest then walked the streets of
Melbourne's CBD giving away Free and Open Source Software.
Since then we've had events at ComputerBank, the East Melbourne
Unitarian Church, twice at Melbourne's Town Hall, The Docklands
community hub, and last year at the Melbourne PC club rooms at Chadstone
Shopping Centre.
This year Vicnet (http://vicnet.net.au/) is supporting Software Freedom
Day by letting us use the State Library of Victoria (SLV -
http://www.slv.vic.gov.au/) Conference centre and Experimedia space. It
is a truly magnificent venue. Located opposite Melbourne central train
station on Swanston Street, it's very easy to get to. It is one of
Melbourne's cultural hubs.
The SLV conference kit provides more detail on the venue:
However, it does come with extra costs. We will need to pay for an
extra security guard at the doorway between the Library and the
conference centre, as well as a theatre technician.
In recent years we have successfully applied for funding from Multimedia
Victoria (MMV is a Victorian Govt department focussed on the development
of Victoria's IT industry) to organise printing of CDs and DVDs,
T-shirts for all our volunteers (usually around 30), printing of posters
and postcards, balloons, helium, equipment hire, etc.
Photos from 2008 & 2009 events:
Our total budget this year is just under $5000.
We have submitted a grant application to MMV, but given the approach of
the State Election there is a chance the grant program may be frozen,
and we won't be able to secure the funding we require. We seek Linux
Australia's support to ensure we can proceed with the event, and make
the most of our stunning new venue.
We would be very proud to be able to add the Linux Australia logo to our
printed collateral, and SFD wiki page as an event supporter.
Software Freedom Day 2010 http://bit.ly/sfdmel-2010
A world wide celebration of State Library of Victoria
Free and Open Source Software Cnr Swanston & Latrobe Sts, Melbourne
and the community behind it. 11am - 4pm, Saturday 18 September

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