[Linux-aus] linux-aus Digest, Vol 12, Issue 4

Glen Turner gdt at gdt.id.au
Fri Mar 7 06:42:49 UTC 2008

> Also noting that OpenOffice.org is hosted on the AARNet mirror, so
> the distribution cost to universities is $0.

Looks to me like Microsoft have stuffed up this aspect. Last promotion
they put a server on the AARNet network, which we were happy to host
(competitive neutrality works both ways).  This time they're using
some US-hosted content distribution network.  I really hope Monash are
aware of that aspect, or their internet bill resulting from the e-mail
is going to be larger than they might hope (the traffic has moved from
the free traffic class -- within AARNet -- to the the most expensive
traffic class -- overseas commercial).

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