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Good morning freedom lovers,

Mildly off-topic for this list, but given that Open CeBIT was mentioned here
recently and there are non-OSIA folks around (join OSIA already!), I figured
it may be of interest.

If you want to help out on the Linux Australia stand, please get in touch
with Sridhar:



- Jeff

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Good morning freedom+commerce lovers,

Late last year, Hannover Fairs Australia asked Waugh Partners to make CeBIT
the premier business focused event for Open Source in Australia. Given their
reputation as a 'gadget show', we weren't entirely convinced, so we gave HFA
a pretty challenging list of things they'd need to commit to before we would
join and take it to the Open Source industry. (We had to ensure it was going
to rock for you guys before asking you to play a part -- it's a reputation

Some of the things we've negotiated with HFA:

 * A one day Open Source business conference, which will focus on how Open
   Source is relevant and important to Australian business. We won't just
   have case studies, we'll have progress studies!

 * Open Source focused sessions at the e-Government conference. Great to
   have FLOSS presented directly to the country's largest enterprise. ;-)

 * Dedicated exhibition floor seminar theatre running for all three days,
   with presentations from exhibitors.

 * Flexible exhibition options reflecting the diversity of our industry,
   from the smallest to the largest companies. Choose from Space, Shells,
   Pavilions (great for industry or regional clusters) or Pods for first
   time exhibitors at an awesome $1000 price point!

 * Exhibition stands provided for both OSIA and Linux Australia (organised
   by Donna Benjamin and Sridhar Dhanapalan respectively).

 * The "Open CeBIT" brand, www.opencebit.com.au (which runs on a FLOSS CMS
   platform, Joomla), and strong branding of the Open CeBIT section -- roof
   signs, and different coloured carpet!

 * Fixing the 'gadget show' perception. Although we've found out that most
   of this problem is just market perception (their real numbers are quite
   surprising), Hannover are actively moving to quash it by instituting a
   cover charge: $25 online, $60 at the door. That means you can be sure
   that the audience will be there to *do business*.

Successes so far:

 * Rocking exhibitors from throughout the industry: Astaro, Black Duck,
   Digital Armour, Fujitsu, Green Hills Software, IBM, Insightful, Messaging
   Architects, Novell, OpenChannel Solutions, Red Hat, ThinLinx.

 * GREAT speakers for the conference: Simon Phipps (Sun), Mary Ann Fisher
   (IBM), Mark Spencer (Digium and Asterisk), Mitch Baker (MozCorp) and lots
   of sweet case studies.

What we need now:

 * YOU! This is our opportunity to take the Australian Open Source industry
   to decision makers in the general business market: Let's make it rock!

For more info, check out the website <http://www.opencebit.com.au/>, give
the prospectus <http://tinyurl.com/293y63> a once-over and give me a call!


- Jeff

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