[Debian-au] Miniconf AU/NZ 2105 at LCA in Auckland, January 2015

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Tue Apr 8 06:58:25 EST 2014

Hello all,

Time for us on this list to get started one of the reasons we revived 
this list... at Linux.conf.au in January the large Debian turn-out 
requested a Debian mini conf at LCA 2015 (in Auckland)!

We suggested at the time that we have a 2 days; 1st day more internally 
focused, and the second day more general (so we can pick up advanced 
users who may not be interested in the internally-focused day).

I've started a draft wiki page to collect ideas; please bounce ideas 
through here and then update this page:

Let's start by re-confirming the two days above. We haven't yet 
confirmed with LCA 2015 organisers to request a mini-conf. There may be 
mini-conf days during the LCA timeline - question is do we want to do 
this one before those times so we can attend the other mini-confs? :)

Volunteers are essential to do this; if you would like to suggest 
something you'd like to to then please speak up.

(Can the other organisers who were also press-ganged please add their 
details to the wiki page!)

jeb at debian.org

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