[Chlug] ADV-『電漿蝕刻與沈積 (Plasma Etching and Deposition) 國際研討會』:6/22於清華大學 合勤演藝廳【全程免費】

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Sun May 24 06:03:44 AEST 2015

Workshop Benefits(課程目標)	 
Help engineers and scientists better understand fundamentals and
advances in Etch & Deposition processing
Lecture Materials / Audience Level(適合對象)	 
Graduate students, post docs, professors, engineers, and staff have all
found the material valuable in their research and development. The event
is open to the local academic and technical communities and staff from
start-ups to industry leaders participates. Often over 200 participants
attend from multiple organizations and we have been honored to have some
travel several hours to the workshop.
舉辦日期	 2015/06/22(週一)09:00-17:00,共7小時	 
舉辦地點	 國立清華大學 合勤演藝廳   (新竹市光復路二段101號)
客服專線	 呂小姐 03-5735521 #3227 E-mail:yllu at tcfst.org.tw	 
<http://mail.imd.com.tw/imd_a/Uploaded_Photo/20155719055/icon.gif> (額滿為
主辦單位	 Plasma-Therm LLC and Scientech Corporation	 
Time	 Topic	 Speaker	 
08:45-09:00	 Registration	  	 
09:00-10:45	 Talk 1.
Basics: Plasma, Reactors, and Mechanisms	 David Lishan, Ph.D.
10:45-11:00	 Coffee Break	  	 
11:00-12:00	 Talk 2.
Dielectric Etching	 David Lishan, Ph.D.	 
12:00-13:00	 Luncheon	  	 
13:00-15:00	 Talk 3.
Compound Semiconductor Etching
Deep Silcon Etching

David Lishan, Ph.D.	 
15:00-15:15	 Coffee Break	  	 
15:15-17:00	 Talk 4.
New technology of Plasma Dicing
PECVD and HDP CVD (high density plasma CVD)	 David Lishan, Ph.D.
17:00	 Conference Concludes	  	 
David Lishan, Ph.D. (Principal Scientist of Plasma-Therm, LLC)	 








專長(Research Interests)	 
Plasma processing for R&D, MEMS, Photonics, Data Storage, Power, and
Compound Semiconductor applications.	 
經驗(Research Experience)	 
After receiving his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from UC Santa Cruz
and Ph.D. from UC Santa Barbara in Solid State Electrical Engineering he
has worked and published on a wide range of material, semiconductor, and
chemistry R&D projects in the areas of lithography, photochemistry,
x-ray mask fabrication, PVD, and plasma processing. During his nearly 17
years at Plasma-Therm, he has had business unit management and worldwide
marketing responsibilities as well as managing the development of plasma
dicing product. Currently he is in the roles of Principal Scientist and
Director in Technical Marketing, and recently organized and presented
plasma processing workshops at leading institutions throughout the
world. His primary focus is on the application of plasma processing for
R&D, MEMS, photonics, data storage, power, and compound semiconductor
applications. He holds two patents in the area of semiconductor
processing and has over 60 publications and conference presentations.
With Plasma-Therm, he has organized and presented plasma processing
workshops at leading institutions throughout the world, including: 

1.	Harvard University
2.	UC Berkeley
3.	University of Notre Dame
4.	UC Los Angeles (UCLA)
5.	University of South Florida
6.	Stanford University
7.	Lund University (Sweden)
8.	IMRE (Singapore)
9.	UC Santa Barbara (UCSB)
10.	ISCAS (Beijing, China) 

11.	SINANO (Suzhou, China)
12.	Shanghai Jiao Tong University
13.	UT Austin,
14.	Cornell University
15.	Pennsylvania State University
16.	KANC (S. Korea)
17.	University of Alberta
18.	National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)
19.	Arizona State University
20.	Weizmann Institute 


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