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Tue Nov 25 02:44:27 EST 2014

Hey There,

Samantha here, I stumbled upon your site when poking around the Internet.

I understand you probably get hundreds of emails from every man and his dog,
coming from all corners of the earth! However, I work for a fast growing
online marketing agency here in Melbourne, yes Melbourne! Not Delhi, Dubai
or Pluto!

I'm reaching out to you as the agency I work for could help you guys get a
lot more leads online. Whether that is through making sure you appear at the
top of Google in the organic listing (not the paid section), where over 80%
of people click are clicking, or just by making sure your website convert a
lot more visitors into leads.

I am taking an educated stab in the dark here, however based on your online
presence; you are likely missing out over 94% of the business that is
running through Google.com.au for your industry.

I hope you don't mind me emailing, I just find it a little less invasive
from calling you up and interrupting what ever it is you are doing at this
present moment :)

If this sounds like something of interest, and you are attracted to growing
your business smarter, better, faster in 2015 - simply reply with your very
best contact details and I will give you a quick buzz. 




Business Development Manager

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