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Job Placement

We're offering Part-time "work from home Job placements". We need Services of cooperate or individuals for placement as Representative.
Applicants are needed in Europe, South America, Canada and USA.

The service includes;Attending to local clients and processing transactions locally within the region.To aid and improve timely customer delivery and demands,and to reduce tax practices. we'll prefer to have a Representative to aid operations in these regions.

If interested kindly REPLY with the under listed details.

01 - Full names: (**last Name first):
02 - Home Address(include Zip):
03 - Phone:
04 - Country:
05 - Age:
06 - Current Employment:

Q. How would you rate your daily schedule? fairly busy
A. Busy, fairly Busy, very busy

Lu junzosen

Junzosen MegaMerchant

Click this link to have a look http://www.gso.net.au

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