[Cbsupport] Re: Is 'free' Audacity software any good?

Hiddensoul (Mark Clohesy) hiddensoul at twistedsouls.com
Fri Feb 23 15:01:01 UTC 2007

Quick Hi to all as well, Hows things at CBV ? All going well from the look
of the CBV site and the list's.

Anyway on to the question,

I have also used  Audacity to create recordings with multiple tracks etc and
it seemed up to the task and didnt really have a steep learning curve (If
you already understand the concept of multi-track recording,) and gave some
very polished results.

As to the software being free it is, and there are many projects out there
just like the bulk of the linux software around is free.

I hope that you find the program useful and that it is what you need.


Cara Rosehope wrote:

>Hi Kylie, Hi Computer Bank,
> There is a Sound Editing Software system, Audacity:.....
> Does anybody have any experience of it?
> How can I tell if my hardware is up to it, and the software REALLY free?
> seems too good to be true.

Mark Clohesy
hiddensoul at twistedsouls.com

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