[Cbsupport] ktouch & Studying with TAFE NSW externally

debmax hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Wed Mar 31 23:42:01 UTC 2004

Hi Gang
I installed ktouch onto my knoppix/debian.  Just as well.  I wanted it 
for typing drills.

David has enrolled At OTEN-DE TAFE NSW DE=Distance Education.  His 
subjects are Keyboarding, Word processing, Accessing the Internet, 
Spreadsheets and Database.  They are supposed to be using Microsoft  
word, Excel Explorer and Access with either Typequick or Mavis Beacon 
for Typing I have Mavis Beacon for Windows. 

David has found Ktouch much easy to use and a very good starting point 
for  Keyboarding.  He has also put in the floppies from the Tafe and 
found he can do everything on Linux bar Access mostly using OpenOffice.org

You can google for OTEN
But you don't have to be a resident of NSW and if you have a Pension 
Card or a Health Care Card (except LI{Low Income} You can do one free 
course a year if they offer it including Statement of Attainments to 
Diplomas for free plus a OTEN handling charge of about $40.  which means 
it is cheaper than Victoria.  All courses or close to have gone National 
now and of course they are all accredited.

If you have a disability they have disability teacher/consultants who 
can assist you and even wrangle the Oten handling charge to disappear.  
I guess you need to be on a disability support Pension for that.  They 
even take enrollments up to August.

Something worth considering.  I suppose if you have to use something 
like Access you can go to a Library or try and pick it up somewhere 
else.  Unless anyone know of a Linux Program that runs MS Access Files

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