[Cbsupport] [Fwd: Can't login in as me after HDA1 error - any suggestions please ??]

scott at roadtech.com.au scott at roadtech.com.au
Wed Mar 31 11:50:02 UTC 2004

cbsupport-admin at lists.linux.org.au wrote on 31/03/2004 01:38:09 PM:

> Any suggestions folks?
> Cheers,
> Kylie

What happens when you type startx from the tty?
are you using gnome or kde?
If you don't mind loosing the configuration of gnome or kde being lost, 
you could move .gnome or .gnome2 or .kde
You won't loose any files, just how your desktop looks.

If that doesn't work, put it back and try something else.

It does sound like a config in one of the window managers went skew, it 
has happened to me before.



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> Can't login in as me after HDA1 error - any suggestions please ??
> Howdy all
> My dell laptop has run into a problem - it had a error on HDA1, 
> which it provided as just an error message, I accepted it (didn't 
> give me any options, more information), then the window closed & the
> system locked up.
> The system has no reboot, so a off/on was required to get it to do 
> anything. Since that time I can log into root, but no longer as my 
> own user id (guiverc)... I can (from root) create other user 
> accounts - but it seems only my old user ID can access StarOffice - 
> which is what I use the machine for.
> I can't use abiword (available for all users) as it doesn't spell 
> check, and won't save in any format other than it's own (thus my 
> other machine, running word 6 with printer can't load the file). 
> This problem was unable to be fixed - why I was given Star Office.
> When I log in, the machine appears to start to login, then you see 
> (fraction of a second) a TTY text screen before it again asks for 
> user id (login screen).
> Does anyone have any idea where I can look, in order to find a .LOG 
> file containing a list of what error it gets that stops me from 
> logging in - or have any other suggestions. I'm hoping it's a simple
> problem (occured in a second).
> I can log into the TTY (text) screens as myself (guiverc), but not 
> the GUI (7) where I tend to do most of my work... Any suggestions ??
> With thanks, Chris
> PS: no hard disk errors have re-appeared
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