[Cbsupport] Hard drive

Deb&Max hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Mon Jun 7 14:44:10 UTC 2004

HI All
Office works is selling  a Maxtor 80GB Retail Hard Drive Kit for $149 
with Installation instructions for DIY.  It has an Ultra ATA/133 

I was wondering, If I bought something like this could I install it on 
my Linux 2.3
GB  and if so how like can I just follow th instructions.  As in would I 
piggy back it or would I remove the other one and replace it and would I 
need to reinstall Knoppix or what.  Or is it just beyond my means and 
would I need to take the box into Computerbank and get them to do it and 
can they deal with Maxtor.  I don't necessarily want 80GB, 20GB would be 
plenty I was reading the Catalogue and saw this one and thought it a 
good price.
I think this is the site for more info

> http://www.maxtor.com.au/_files/maxtor/en_us/documentation/data_sheets/diamondmax_plus_9_data_sheet.pdf

Of course other considerations are it is a Pentium 199MHz, Linux, using 
reiserfs, kde 3.1.5,
i586 with 128MB (PC 133 I think) SDRAM, Release 2.4.22-xfs and would you 
need to change any of that?

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