[Cbsupport] Knoopix reinstall with OO.o 1.1

Simeon Scott shevek at bur.st
Tue Feb 17 23:06:09 UTC 2004


I'm not going to try to answer any of your questions, don't have time
and you mentioned 'info only' so ... :)

But, I can give you a tip, which may be helpful for several of the

There is a apt-source search engine at www.apt-get.org

You search for a piece of software, eg open office, and it tells you if
there are any apt caches available with that software.

Then you add the mentioned apt sources line to /etc/apt/sources.list and
do apt-get update.

Then you can try to add the software. You have to be quite
careful/cautious/or wacky because dependency issues are not always
sorted cleverly when using combinations of these external apt sources
(they aren't official debian ones). I think the software is all fairly
OK because so many people use debian, if there were malicious wares
someone would probably notice before you or I.


On Wed, 18 Feb
2004 00:34:45+0100 hortnfash<hortnfash at dodo.com.au> wrote:

> Hi All
> Well I was told by LUV that I needed OO.o1.1 not OO.o1.3 as it was 
> better than MS Word and you can save documents a PDF and you should be
> able to fax modem.
> I tried before but I couldn't get my sourseslist right and I think I 
> broke the program.
> Meanwhile I aquired a Morphix CD which had Mozilla and OO.o1.1 on it
> and tried to install it on the harddrive but the Knoppix had left
> reminants on it.
> I downloaded the latest version of Knoppix on the doze box and Nero 
> burned the ISO but on the CD-R.  It did not work on the Linux Box, but
> it did on the doze box.
> Every search I came accross after installing Knoppix was to go to 
> www.openoffice.org sit and download OO.o from there and remove purge
> the old one and untar move and build it.  Well that's too hard for me 
> still.  I found a link stating 2 sites for source list one being Rick 
> Moen for US and another one for Australia sorry I don't have the link 
> but I think I might have got it from www.knoppix.net or a link to Rick
> Moen's site.  I kdesu kate in root and altered the german source list
> to the au.debian.org one, After reinstalling the Knoppix 3.3 I bought 
> earlier.  This time I am very close to the source list except for the 
> java part.  So I apt-get installed dmake as it said it builds OO.o and
> then I apt-get install myspell-en-gb as from googling it seems to be
> the closest to  Au spelling for OO.o and then I apt-get installed 
> openoffice.org which came with other packages and it took under 5
> hours dialup.  It all unpacked and installed and I opened it and sure
> enough it was the new version with the pdf icon on the toolbar.  Great
> so I did it. Of course I then did an apt-get update, apt-get clean &
> autoclean
> Now I have to see what I can do about my soundcard I found something
> in the cbv files uploaded so I will try that and I have looked and
> seen I have dma and I found some instructions on turning it onto to
> increase the speed of the fsck process.
> Then all I have to do is work out what is wrong with the USB that it 
> won't recognise our Kodak CX6200 Camera.  Or at least it does and it
> can see it on USB View and kde info centre and it is on the suppport
> list, but apparently I have to configure the kernel USBs or somthing
> so that will take a while in googling. Late I want to see if I can
> update Mozilla 1.4 as the one I have on the doze box Moz 1.6 has spell
> check and I am shocking at spelling and then get the jar installer to
> get a new theme.  I really like toy factory it is so cheary.  Its too
> bad you can't apt-get install mozilla or at least I couldn't find it
> when I did and apt-cache search, unless its the dummy or the browser
> core?
> So I can produce better documents than with MsWord
> I can email, fax, scan, print and just have to get the souncard
> working and the camera working and then except for a few program CD's
> David has that can only be used on Windoze unless I can use blochs
> because I can't use wine.  We hardly need to use Windoze at all. 
> Infact I am wondering if I can install Knoppix with the doze XP as
> there is a NTS partitian maker on Knoppix, but I have to do more
> searching.  In fact David is really comming around to Linux now.  He
> has some 3D Car games and he has found that Tux Racer is just as good
> and even has more options than the Car game demos he has.. Only its
> not very good at 128mb RAm but as we have it on Morphix-Combined Games
> live CD he can use it on the 256mb RAm.
> I really like how Knoppix quickly configs most peripherals, like the 
> scanner and printer with cups,  It puts you off to a good start.  I 
> really love Knoppix and Mozilla.
> This is for providing information really, but if you like you can tell
> me if I can apt-get install mozilla to update it to a newer version or
> not?  Otherwise I prefer to firstly try out doing the other things
> myself regards
> Avery
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