[Cbsupport] Morphix Combined-Games

debmax hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Sun Feb 8 18:48:04 UTC 2004

I got a copy of Morphix Live Cd from PC Authority Feb edition
I don't like it as much as Knoppix but it was interesting, It uses Gnome 
as destop and I didn't think it auto config devices as well.
but then I am not very good with Gnome.
I went to learn more from www.morphix.org and found there are many 
So I got myself a Morphix Combined-Gamer, it boots up very well with 
Icewm and has predominately Games on it.
Games of all levels for all ages.  I had burnt some off for my local 
community groups.
If you can get hold of one and you like games this could be quite good 
and it is a live CD as like Knoppix and Morphix So you don't have to 
install it on your hard drive
It has Firebird as Browser, Internet Connections basic text no office
but quite interesting all the same
I am going to burn some off to our Parents as well so they can amuse the 
nieces and nephews when they come over

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