[Cbsupport] Get others Interested in Linux

M&D hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Fri Oct 31 03:56:02 UTC 2003

Hi Everyone

These are some ways I thought of to get your friends and family 
interested in Linux and or OpenSource

1. Show them your Computer
2.Buy or burn them knoppix (Available from Computerbank
3.Buy an Open Office CD for Windows
4. Get them to download onto their Windows Boxes programs like
    OpenOffice.org, Xchat, Mozilla and Opera there are probably more but 
these ones are also available for Windows and I believe that Mozilla is 
better than Outlook

Have you thought about giving or donating Knoppix to your local school 
or TAFE.  How about sending it to your local member of Parliament both 
state and commonwealth.  How about donating one to your local 
charity/Community group? When I work out how to burn it as an ISO Image, 
thats what I am planning to do

I'm going to test it on a CD-RW and then burn it to  a CD-R

I didn't know the difference until a couple of weeks ago
A CD-RW ( rewriteable) is like a bit floppy and you can save and remove 
info and add to it
A CD-R (recordable) is a once only permanent disk So you want to have 
your 703MB ready to go on it
Maybe others have better explanations

I would save bits onto a Rewriteable and then when full and I'm happy 
with it Transfer it to a Recordable
Testing how to burn use a Rewriteable and then when you know the method 
you can then use the recordable
Like for Knoppix when I tried to burn knoppix it wouldn't book as I 
didn't use Nero and ISO but as I used a rewritable I can remove it and 
try again


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