[Cbsupport] webcam question

mary adsett maryen at froggy.com.au
Mon Oct 20 20:04:03 UTC 2003

   Hi Kylie. had a look at a webcam, ( Global Cam ) and some of the stats
on the side were . Minimal requirements, windows98 or 2000, windows me.,
pentium 11266 celorion., 32mb ram., cdrom drive?( either i don't have or not 
configured )., 100 mb free of space.,16bit colour display adaptor.,windows 
compatable .sound card or speakers (i might need new one of those as mine 
does not seem to work)        Spot Life....web browser ie. microsoft internet 
explorer or netscape 4 it also has a a usb port..... Anyhow the question is..
would this webcam be a good buy for my computer to work with they are fairly 
cheap and i thought a little enhancement on what seems to be my main source 
of entertainment these days might be a bit of fun.
  Also got my last bill for the internet from froggy and it was a PDF file  
computer put it into Ghost view which was fine if you are into reading 
postage stamps right click on it nothing happened left click still nothing 
happened, how does one enlarge the wee beasty?.
    Hope you are feeling better and not working too hard Take Care    and keep 
your chin up Dear CBV Friend ..................Mary

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