[Cbsupport] Re: [article] Introduction to Linux filesystems and files

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Fri Oct 17 15:24:01 UTC 2003


> Everything you do with Linux involves files in one way or another. You
> launch programs from files, read program configurations in files, store
> data in files, deliver files to clients via servers, and so on.
> Therefore, the tools Linux provides for manipulating files are extremely
> important to overall system performance. At the core, these tools make
> up a filesystem -- a set of data structures that allow Linux to locate
> and manipulate files. Several Linux native filesystems exist, the most
> important of these being the Second Extended File System (ext2fs), the
> Third Extended File System (ext3fs), the Reiser File System (ReiserFS),
> the Journaled File System (JFS), and XFS. The filesystem you use will
> affect your computer's overall performance and suitability for specific
> tasks.


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