[Cbsupport] [article] Introduction to Linux filesystems and files

Romana Challans romana at timelady.com
Fri Oct 10 12:34:02 UTC 2003

Everything you do with Linux involves files in one way or another. You
launch programs from files, read program configurations in files, store
data in files, deliver files to clients via servers, and so on.
Therefore, the tools Linux provides for manipulating files are extremely
important to overall system performance. At the core, these tools make
up a filesystem -- a set of data structures that allow Linux to locate
and manipulate files. Several Linux native filesystems exist, the most
important of these being the Second Extended File System (ext2fs), the
Third Extended File System (ext3fs), the Reiser File System (ReiserFS),
the Journaled File System (JFS), and XFS. The filesystem you use will
affect your computer's overall performance and suitability for specific

Romana Challans
Computerbank Australia Incorporated - SA Branch
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