[Cbsupport] GUI send a fax

M&D hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Sat Nov 29 23:15:02 UTC 2003

Hi Gang
I've managed to send a Fax using my Knoppix/Debian

Ok you need to design your own cover sheet
I used KWord it was the only one I could find to link with the faxing
I went File Print and changed Epson to Send a fax
Clicked on Print and the Send a Fax kdeprint fax dialogue box comes up
Select settings and put your personal info in and check page and check 
where the device is located under system
type in the recepient name and there fax number and click on the icon 
send fax
Then you can click on the icon view log and watch it go.

Ok the modem dialed up and the scratchy sounds happened and it said sent 
and turn off the modem to idle

I would say to receive faxes you would need a dedicate phone line
One problem if the recipient is busy or off and there is an error you 
may have to turn off the Computer and reboot and turn the modem off a 
couple of times to reset it as the lights wern't right after a failure.

I know that most of you will never use this but if anyone else asks you 
know how to do it
I just have to wait until Monday to see if they could read it

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