[Cbsupport] Newbies: Using your Computer to look for jobs

Andrew Rickard andrew.rickard at webone.com.au
Sun Jul 27 16:37:02 UTC 2003

Hi folks
I am a recruitment agent.  We reformat your res anyway adn change it to pdf
to send to clients!

The best presentation is as a pdf file but be sure to attach a Word version
too if you expect the employer is behind the times.

Cutting an pasting into the body of an email is no good and neither are
pretty graphics.

If you are looking for a job show that you can be practical and accurate.

Cheers Andrew
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> On Sat, Jul 26, 2003 at 03:06:58AM +1000, Averydebrouwer wrote:
> > I was asked for this from someone else I thought the answer may be
> > useful for CBS Newbies
> > One of the things was using pdf
> >
> > Hi Gang
> > I have been working for several months assisting my partner to find work
> > and I am doing it myself now
> > Most jobs are through agencies, the usual mode is to present it in
> > MSWord.doc
> You will probably have better luck being pro-active, rather than waiting
> to respond to ads.
> > Sorry thats what most people want.  so using OpenOffice.org (OOo) is the
> > best to save it as that format, but the formating does change slightly,
> > Go to a Library and bring it up on floppy disk under MSWord and reformat
> > and save, this will make it look more professional and use the disk for
> > attachments not the Computer, Unfortunately the formatting does change
> > slightly between both it ends up looking a bit messy.  The point is to
> > get a job not to promote Linux do that when you have the job!
> >
> > Many people don't like pdf's that includes Linux users I don't mind them
> > But I 've never heard of it being done that way
> >
> > Many business having Microsoft live in fear of Viruses So many are not
> > liking attachments, if they have too much pictures/graphics they will
> > probably be filtered out and never be read
> How do you send a .doc resume to an employer that is not an attachment ?
> > A better Option and to get any creativity as graphic make your resume
> > more interesting
> > is to use a html editor like OOo and cut and paste it to send it.  this
> > way there are no attachments.  espically with your cover letter
> Lost me a bit here. Are you suggesting sending a html email with
> pictures. If you sent that to me, I would only see the text. A html
> email is likely to be dropped by spamassassin anyway.
> Personally, I send my resume as a html attachment and if they can't work
> out how to open it I look elsewhere.
> Shaun
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