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Sun Jul 20 17:46:02 UTC 2003

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>Quoting hortnfash at dodo.com.au (hortnfash at dodo.com.au):
Anyhow, picking just the three largest...

> 535M  home
> 1.2G  usr
> 668M  var

......shows in very broad outline where your disk space has gone.  

Didn't you say you had 13 MB in your home directory, and something less
than that in your husband's?  If I remembered that correctly, then the
two of you jointly would have maybe 20 MB total in the two home
directories, added together, right?  If so, then maybe there's something
else in /home?  Have a look.

The 1.2 GB in /usr would be about one would expect for a desktop system.
Yes, you can make that go down by removing programs.

The 668 MB in /var may be something you can reduce.  I've mentioned the
possibility of logfiles (in /var/log) in just about every message.  I'm
hereby bringing it to your attention yet again.

More stuff from your file listing:

> 1.4M	drivers.tar.gz
> 160K 	fileList
> 244K 	fileSizes
> 1.5M	install_flash_player-6_linux
> 692K	install_flash_player-6_linux.tar.gz
> 121K	installer
> 1.5M	libflashplayer.so
> 70K	macroflashvew_files
> 324K	nohup.out
> 8.0K	packageList
> 12K	pacakgeSizes
> 8.0K	pkglist
> 4.0	tarme

_None_ of these things belongs in your home directory.  You shouldn't be
unpacking things into "/".  Basically never.  That's what /tmp is for.
I strongly suspect that, at this point, you can and should delete them

(There might also be similar things needing removal, closer to the
beginning of the alphabet.)

Cheers,           find / -user your -name base -print | xargs chown us:us
Rick Moen
rick at linuxmafia.com

Maxwell & de Brouwer

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