[Cbsupport] hdd ide full again problem has not been solved

Averydebrouwer hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Fri Jul 18 00:03:02 UTC 2003

Well i suppose it lucky I haven't sold the other computer off yet to pay 
off the loan
Which I was about to do
Ok within a 15 min period because I have been watching the hard drive
It suddenly went from 84% to 100% red
It can only take 94%
I cannot get into kde I can get into icewm and failsafe
I cannot mount a floppy I cannot -purge --remove anything
I have purgedmost gains off
I havepurged Galeon
I have purged kOffice suite
I have purged editors I don't use
I have purged so many programs off
I have deleted pictures
I have tired to keep save text to a min
and yet it has gone over the limit
I believe the problem lays in the cache
and I believe there is stuff in /home/avery
which wa snot there before and is after the -d  dist-upgrade that i was 
told to get is there now
What this stuff is I don't know as it has stuff from packages I son't 
have or don't have anymore
I can get to home/avery by konqueror as klauncher won't work
I can get to it by mozilla browser but can't delete it
I can't -purge --remove something about no room for padding
This problem has happened after the -d dist-upgrade
I can not afford to get a bigger hdd ide and i wouldn't have a clue how 
to install it  or to build it
The only way the hdde went down sas by doing -clean and auto-clean regularly
this has not made a difference

I don't know about cache, i wonder if there are temp internet files that 
could be removed and are storing everywhere we search
I was using Mozillia trying to send out an email and it was telling me 
no permission to write same with downloading

This is stressing me out because the Original Problem did not get solved
I would like to turn my computer into what it was and remover the -d 
Or make it very light and just have icewm, OOo and mozilla a pdf viewer 
and something to use the Cd with on it and thats it if it won't take much
I don't understand this at all
and I'm telling you I don't have many programs left I have removed so many
If I turn the computer off it won't reboot I know that from experience
but what is the problem it just filled up so quickly and all I was doing 
was emailing and had a couple of browser windows open

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