[Cbsupport] Re: hiedi and getting gaim going / flash installed

Kylie Davies mailkylie at optushome.com.au
Mon Apr 28 21:28:02 UTC 2003

Hi again Hiedi,

Yep - you got the right place... :)

I also got your other messages and have advised others about them...  
but first lets try another way before we send someone out to your place...

If you can get onto XChat (see instructions  repeated below - the ones 
given to Avery) and join the computerbank channel someone may be there 
and may be able to help you remotely. Perhaps... try going 
online...anytime ...and say something in the channel...if someone is 
there they will answer. It appears like there are people there always 
(they have cable / 24 hours a day connections) but they could be away 
from their computers so might not see whats being typed into the window 
and won't respond.

Most (flash/yahoo/abc) of what you are requesting is possible (although 
I'm not sure what you mean by the moving emails business) it's just a 
matter of getting the right software updates (i think we/you have to 
update your GAIM) and download and install flash. I think the software 
package list (sources.list) sources file is broken and needs changing so 
that it points somewhere live... That's the first part, and then it 
needs updating, and then you need to get software. Thats the short of 
it; it's a much more detailed  process involving commands and becoming 
the super user (root). At the moment I am pressed for time, however I do 
plan on writing a newbie basics on apt-get / understanding sources.list 
very soon.

If someone else want's to jump in and offer help in the meantime - 
please feel free....



Kylie Davies
Victorian Branch Coordinator
Computerbank Australia Inc

hiedi wrote:

> hi  its hiedi i still cand load msn or gaim when i done my comp lesson 
> con said that their is a help place in heidelberg and i might be able 
> to get help i am woundering is there a way someboby who knows what 
> they r doing might be able to come hear and help me with plug ins 
> applet loading ect
>                                please get back i hope i have emailed 
> this to the right place
>                                                 hiedi 

Kylie Davies wrote:

> Hi Avery,
> You could also try Xchat... You will find this in the 
> INternet->Debian->Xchat
> Once you have Xchat running - you will need to add a server...so Click 
> on the Xchat drop down menu (first menu on the top left) Choose Server 
> List - a new dialogue appears...from here - choose NEW SERVER...
> In the New Server dialogue box - you will need to fill in the details....
> Name: IRC Freenode
> Server: irc.freenode.net (this is the IMPORTANT bit as it gives the 
> internet address for the server)
> Password: can leave this field blank
> Channels: can leave this blank too (or you could put #computerbank in 
> there so you automatically join the computerbank channel. )
> Nickname: can leave this blank
> Connect Command: can leave this blank
> That's it...
> Remember where this entry is in the serverlist...
> In the Server list dialogue box - at the very top - you can type in 
> the nickname you would like to be known as...
> Once you have done this - highlight the correct server option and 
> choose Connect!
> Once connected - to join a channel you will need to type /join 
> #computerbank in the status window to join the computerbank 
> channel...and this is where we are...hopefully when you join - someone 
> may be there for you to ask questions. :))
> All commands to do something must be proceeded with the /
> eg /list will give you a channel listing...
> /join #channelname will allow you to join channels...once on channels 
> - you will have channel tabs down the bottom of the Xchat screen. :))
> When logged into a channel - all you need to do is type what you want 
> to say and press enter to send the text into the channel window! And 
> now your in business. :))
> I suggest reading the Xchat manual pages at 
> http://www.xchat.org/docs/xchat.html to find out how to make the best 
> of Xchat. :))
> If I see you online - I can help with getting the MSN (GAIM) client 
> going....
> Cheers,
> Kylie

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