[Cbsupport] Re: hiedi

hiedi money at froggy.com.au
Fri Apr 25 14:14:02 UTC 2003

Kylie Davies wrote:

> Hi Avery,
> You could also try Xchat... You will find this in the 
> INternet->Debian->Xchat
> Once you have Xchat running - you will need to add a server...so Click 
> on the Xchat drop down menu (first menu on the top left) Choose Server 
> List - a new dialogue appears...from here - choose NEW SERVER...
> In the New Server dialogue box - you will need to fill in the details....
> Name: IRC Freenode
> Server: irc.freenode.net (this is the IMPORTANT bit as it gives the 
> internet address for the server)
> Password: can leave this field blank
> Channels: can leave this blank too (or you could put #computerbank in 
> there so you automatically join the computerbank channel. )
> Nickname: can leave this blank
> Connect Command: can leave this blank
> That's it...
> Remember where this entry is in the serverlist...
> In the Server list dialogue box - at the very top - you can type in 
> the nickname you would like to be known as...
> Once you have done this - highlight the correct server option and 
> choose Connect!
> Once connected - to join a channel you will need to type /join 
> #computerbank in the status window to join the computerbank 
> channel...and this is where we are...hopefully when you join - someone 
> may be there for you to ask questions. :))
> All commands to do something must be proceeded with the /
> eg /list will give you a channel listing...
> /join #channelname will allow you to join channels...once on channels 
> - you will have channel tabs down the bottom of the Xchat screen. :))
> When logged into a channel - all you need to do is type what you want 
> to say and press enter to send the text into the channel window! And 
> now your in business. :))
> I suggest reading the Xchat manual pages at 
> http://www.xchat.org/docs/xchat.html to find out how to make the best 
> of Xchat. :))
> If I see you online - I can help with getting the MSN (GAIM) client 
> going....
> Cheers,
> Kylie
hi  its hiedi i still cand load msn or gaim when i done my comp lesson 
con said that their is a help place in heidelberg and i might be able to 
get help i am woundering is there a way someboby who knows what they r 
doing might be able to come hear and help me with plug ins applet 
loading ect
                                please get back i hope i have emailed 
this to the right place

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