[Cbsupport] Help on getting GAIM / Messenger / ICQ up and running

Kylie Davies kylied at projectx.com.au
Thu Apr 24 09:49:01 UTC 2003

Hi all people interested in getting MSN messenger / Yahoo / ICQ up and 

Under linux - for this kind of activity - we use GAIM. :))

I have included information below about using the gaim client...you will 
find it in the Internet-> Debian menu ->GAIM.

When you open GAIM - go to the Plugins option (at the bottom righthand 
corner), when the plugin box comes up - choose LOAD (it is the only 
option highlighted/available)...From the Plugin chooser dialogue box - 
locate the plugin called libmsn.so - this is the one you need for MSN 
messenger. You'll also note that there are several other plugins 
available - ICQ, and Yahoo...If you have an ICQ number or a yahoo 
address - you will need to use these plugins too. You can have multiple 
plugins supported all at the same time!

Once you have loaded the plugins - the Plugins box will have them 
listed. There will also be a brief description about the plugin in the 
right hand pane.

Once done with plugins - you can close the dialogue box.

Next we go to accounts.... (from the main screen)... In the Accounts 
dialogue box - choose add (bottom left corner).

A new dialogue appears - this time requiring you to enter details about 
your account... First select the correct PROTOCOL...by default AIM/ICQ 
comes up - click the drop down option box and choose the MSN protocol. 
At this point the dialogue box will change (as in will have different 
text entry fields).

Your screenname is your hotmail / .net passport name - so if you don't 
have a hotmail account .net passport - you will need to go and get one!

The Password is your password to this account.

Your alias - is your nickname.

If you check the autologin box - when you signon to GAIM - you will 
automatically be logged into MSN messenger.

You can also check the remember password box - so you dont have to type 
it each time.

If you want to be notified of new hotmail mail - then check that mail 
notification box.

Once your account is setup - from the accounts dialogue - you can choose 
signon to login.

Next time you start GAIM - it will automatically log you into MSN 

To add buddies - go to the FILE->ADD A BUDDY menu

And thats it. (Well there is more to it - but that will get you up and 
going on MSN for now)...

Explore the menus - take a look at the GAIM help... and you are on your 
way... Also do a GOOGLE Search on GAIM help to get more information.

Cheers and hope this helps!


Kylie Davies
Victorian Branch Co-ordinator
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