[Cbsupport] Ideas from a great person re cbsupport list ...response

Jan Smith jan at curpheymedia.com
Tue Apr 15 06:11:02 UTC 2003

Hi All

RE #computerbank IRC
If too many hurdles and rules placed on IRC it would be really tedious. I
think newbie questions should be welcomed on #computerbank IRC but if this
is felt to be too tedious for some participants then a second channel should
be established - perhaps called  #computerbank-IT.  #computerbank-IT will
not be for newbies.

Whether someone is actually present or not on #computerbank is not a problem
specific to #computerbank IRC. Most IRC channels have people who do this.
Newbies should be aware of this.  The existing culture of IRC is that it
doesn't matter if people don't respond to every IRC post.   Non response
should never be regarded as a slight - sometimes someone is not there or the
people who are there do not know the answer.  IRC should be fun as well as
helpful, a little socialising and the occasional straying off topic should
be tolerated.  Who wants to exist in a totally policed state.

> * Everyone, to stay on the list needs to submit
> something about computer,linux,computerbank

No I strongly disagree with this.  Such a tedious policy might send good but
busy people away for ever.  People should be part of Computerbank for the
long haul - 5 plus years.  People might be passionate and expert about one
small aspect of Computerbank.  It would be boring and tedious for s person
to write a monthly post on say Apache, networks or Silva.  However if
someone asked an apache question then the usually silent expert would much
more likely to respond.

> * dividing into 2 lists 1st for learners and 2nd
> slightly to very advanced

Computerbank Support list should be for anyone who wants support regardless
of level.

New recipients/clients should feel very welcome at Computerbank.  Swearing
and rudeness hurts people and is utterly unnecessary. Persistent offenders
are not really needed at Computerbank.  Computerbank's anti-discrimination
policy should be applied or amended to include attitudes to new Linux users.
The most powerful advertisement for Linux and Computerbank is a happy

my 2 cents worth

Jan Smith

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