[Cbsupport] About me and what I thought Computerbank was for

Romana Challans romana at timelady.com
Tue Apr 8 06:44:31 UTC 2003

Avery wrote:
> I've recieved 2 emails the other 20 odd were deleted by filter and I 
> never saw them

are you saying someone is filtering SOME of your emails? I have 
certainly seen a large amount from you recently - were there 20 more 
that didnt get through?  if so, this is a technical glitch, not a filter....

let computerbank vic know so the list admin can check such things 
(before taking it personally, others may have some tech dificulties too 
- no system is perfect!:)  )

> Do you know I got this computer from Computerbank March 20th


> Do you know that all I know is windows and I learning something new

same for many recipients, its a learning curve, as windows was in the 
> Do you know I had major nasal surgery on March 26 with a reall risk of 
> death and they had me in intensive care attatched to a ventilator and 
> heart monito
> I was deperate to get the computer set up for before the surgery so the 
> printer and modem would work  in case I died David my husband who has 
> recourating from a broken back and wrist from a work place injury could 
> still looke for work

while im extremely sorry to hear all of this, please be aware that many 
of our recipients have major health issues and other issues to contend with.

as do many of our volunteers.

not criticising you for mentioning it, just letting you know that it 
CANT make yours, or anyones emails, the major priority. emails are 
addressed as overworked and stretched volunteers can answer them.

> Do you know that I was going to volunteer to answer the phone on 
> Saturdays in a couple of weeks and see if I could rearrange things to be 
> there on Wednesdays as well so the phones could be answered


> I thought computerbank was to help disadvantaged people like myself and 
> david to gain a computer and to learn linux and hopefully get the info 
> out htere into the communtiy
> I didn't know you needed an IT degree to do that

no, but you do need patience, and acceptance that we cant all leap to 
answer questions immediately. we are volunteers, and we have lives and 
issues of our own to contend with.. we do what we can. the more 
volunteers that come on board and share their experiences, the better.

you have offered to do that, and also posted info you have found - thats 
ideal:) sometimes, the learning curve involves being a trailblazer:)

> I now feel like my questions are stupid, boring and far beneath many of 
> you. I was always taught that the secret of sucess is to share knowledge 
> and pass it to others.  I have spent hours and hours searching for 
> informaiton on the net and only now am I finding things relevant to my level

hmm, i am not sure WHY you feel that way - i have looked at the previous 
responses, people have tried to help. on person tried to point out we 
couldnt answer ALL your questions, definitely not immediately, and 
suggested other ways for you to access info. i can see his response has 
been misinterpreted as criticism, but it certainly wasnt meant as such, 
from his later posting.

see point above about volunteers, with other things taking our time. we 
do what we can, and it is hoped that this is recognised and appreciated.

> I've withdrawn my offer to answer phones even though I have experience 
> in reception and currently volunteer as a receptionsit as Kalimnia and 
> before Windermere.  I don not have the levels or skills to help out with 
> linux and debian and kde so I would be more of a hinderance than help

no, but you could help with admin tasks, and that is a worthwhile and 
helpful job. you could refer people to the right people to help them, as 
you would be instructed in doing:)

> I had put things forward as I found things and will continue to do so 
> because I believe that there are other novices out there like me  who 
> might appreciate things I find..  if it only helps !1computer bank 
> person thats success you can always delete if its from me and you know 
> its beneath your superiority

who is 'you' in this case?
there is no faceless geek consipracy out there to get you, just a 
misunderstanding that has festered.

i am glad you will continue to post links. i hope we can pool such 
resources, from you and others, towards forming a newbie help page. 
perhaps thats something you could get started?

> So this doesn't happen why haven't one you techno geeks put to gether a 
> page for the basic training manual of where newbies ot go to
> *Well don't worry I will,  from things I've found Kylies found and 
> people have emailed me mostly LUV who is supporting* me

some vols work, most have families and many other issues, some health 
based. i dont think you have really thought about the fact that many 
'techno geeks' are people giving what time they can. there are always 
things that need doing. newbie guides are one of them.from your 
perspective, a priority, sure, but from here behind the scenes, just one 
of many on our top heavy priorities wish list.

'had we but world and time enough....'

again, if you have time and wish to give something back, to the people 
(ie those techno geeks you disparage) who spent hours developing the 
software config for the install, testing your hardware, installing and 
setting up your system, and training you, and the others, not so 
disparaged, who worked on the admin and other tasks that made it 
possible, good! put together a guide - i am sure people are happy to 
contribute what they can when they can.

i hope you will also plan maintenance and long term offline access for 
newbies? it would be a great project. good luck:)

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