[Cbsupport] Who is #computerbank IRC for?

Jan Smith jan at curpheymedia.com
Mon Apr 7 17:34:03 UTC 2003

Hi All

I believe most members of Computerbank believe that disadvantaged people
should have computer access, that is why I am mentioning this.

I was saddened today when I was on #computerbank IRC to see someone post a
question about deleting a program.  Sometime later the person wrote on IRC
that she/he had been sent an email and told it wasn't possible to offer that
level of support.

It reminds me of the old hospital quote.  This hospital would run really
really well if we did not have to have patients.

Is there a mechanism for people who are trying out their new computerbank
systems for the first few times to have a little bit of hand holding?

It might be that the number of questions means the person has a trip back to
Computerbank and has a 15 minutes one on one session with a volunteer.
However it might be that a couple of quick answers on IRC is all a person
needs.  Then that person joins in IRC as a helper (I have seen that sort of
thing happen on other more friendly IRC lists).

Who is #computerbank IRC for?

Jan Smith
Web Administrator

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