[Cbsupport] fake dress shop?

Avery hortnfash at dodo.com.au
Mon Apr 7 08:03:22 UTC 2003

Dear group

There are a few windows based Patternmaking programs for house use for 
pesonal customised dress making patterns
Is there a linux equivilant?

Examples of windows based ones are
dress shop 2 Dress shop4 and garment maker by cochinelle

Professional for above $50,000 for CAD gerber and CAD Lectra
even though Lectra company uses UNix

I've been trained to use Lectra and Gerber

and I can construct clothing blocks/shells

manualy and make patterns manually and with cad
I was thinking of  maybe trying qcad but I don't know enough about it
and I don't have enough room  to install it anyway it wants to remove 
half of what I have
What ever will need layering I've got gerbv a viewer but I don't think 
it can create

thanks Avery

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