[Announce] Into WordPress? Join us for WordCamp Melbourne!

kathy at kathyreid.id.au kathy at kathyreid.id.au
Fri Jan 21 22:44:46 EST 2011

Dear Linux Users,

We'd like to announce WordCamp Melbourne 2011 and respectfully invite you
to pass this on to any of your members or related user groups whom you
feel may be interested.

Kind regards,
Kathy Reid on behalf of the #wcmelb team
- Anthony Cole, Sarah Stokely and many others


WordCamp Melbourne 2011
26th-27th February, North Melbourne Town Hall
http://wcmelb.org | @wcmelb on Twitter | $AUD50

If you're into WordPress - the free and open source personal publishing
platform - then you'll love WordCamp - a casual, locally-organised
conference catering both to budding bloggers and experienced developers
alike. The first such event to be held in the city, WordCamp Melbourne
2011 features a range of guest speakers including Glenn Todd and Bronson

Over the two days of WordCamp you can expect to learn more about
WordPress, content management in general, and network with peers of
similar interest - for the amazingly low price of $50!

WordCamp Melbourne is proudly sponsored by Linux Australia and many other
generous organisations.

Tickets are available at: http://wcmelb.org/purchase/

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