[Announce] LCA2011 and LA Election

Peter Lieverdink me at cafuego.net
Mon Jan 17 22:57:09 EST 2011

=== 2011 Linux Australia Council Election ===

Nominations for the 2011 Linux Australia Council election have closed. Voting has been open for a few days now and will remain open until Wednesday January 26. Please make your vote count at https://www.linux.org.au/membership/

=== linux.conf.au 2011 ===

Some great news - the lca2011 team and Linux Australia have made a joint decision that lca2011 will go ahead! 

At this stage the venue location is still to be confirmed as are a number of social events, though there are some backup plans in place.

We are aware that Urbanest is still without power but expect power to be restored on Thursday. Should Urbanest be unavailable - backup accommodation has been confirmed at the residential colleges at the University of Queensland (Near St Leo's). Delegates who are not staying at St Leo's or Urbanest should check with their accommodation provider on availability, prior to travelling.

lca2011 Mythbuster #1 - Brisbane's water is fine and very very drinkable

lca2011 Mythbuster #2 - Brisbane has not run out of food (although some restaurants will have a limited menu)

lca2011 Mythbuster #3 - public transport is operational (though some routes are still affected). Unfortunately, the Brisbane CityCat service is out of action till further notice.

lca2011 Mythbuster #4 - lca2011 has not been cancelled 

The lca2011 team will keep you continually updated via email and the website. We expect to announce a confirmed venue by Wednesday evening - but please remember we do have back up plans in place and lca2011 is going ahead. There may be some changes in the schedule but it will be a great conference nonetheless.

You can find the latest updates at http://conf.linux.org.au/

The team encourages everyone to still come to Brisbane and support local business and the community - we need your support!

We understand the community wants to support the conference in as many ways as possible.  Can you please fill out the form at: 


NB: You will need to be registered and logged into the conference website to be able to edit this page.

Shaun & the lca2011 team

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