[Announce] Re: [Linux-aus] Legality of automatically assigning membership

Pia Smith pia at linux.org.au
Fri May 2 01:09:04 UTC 2003

Sorry, just to clarify one point:

On Fri, 2003-05-02 at 10:46, Pia Smith wrote:
> We have a team of people (headed by Stewart) who are working on what
> exact constitution changes need to be made, and we will be presenting
> them at the next AGM to sort it all out. Anyone with an interest is
> welcome to email him or the committee.

The draft of changes will be presented to the membership as per the
constitution (21 days notice for a special resolution). We hope to have
enough open discussion to make the changes agreeable to everyone, and
then have a new improved constitution for next year.

Thanks again,

Pia Smith <pia at linux.org.au>

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